About the Program

Is there an official program guide?

An official program is available for collection from the Bendigo Visitor Centre prior to and during the event. Guides will also be available for collection through the festival precinct over the weekend. A digital version of the program is available on our website.


When and where are the parades?

Torchlight Lantern Procession

When: Easter Saturday, April 15, 8pm

Where: The parade route follows View St, Pall Mall, McCrae St, and Bridge St

Gala Parade

When: Easter Sunday, April 16, 1pm

Where: The parade route follows View St, Pall Mall, McCrae St, and Bridge St


Will there be access viewing for the parades?

Designated viewing areas will be available for patrons with motorised scooters or wheelchairs for the Torchlight Lantern Procession and the Gala Parade.

These areas will be clearly signed, please be considerate and keep these areas clear.

Accessible locations are along Pall Mall at Sidney Myer Place (in front of the George Lansell statue), Bull Street intersection and just after Bridge Street at Howard Place.


When and where are the fireworks?

The fireworks will take place immediately following the Torchlight Lantern Procession (approximately 9.30pm) on the evening of Saturday March 31, 2018 within the proximity of the Rosalind Park Poppet Head.

The best viewing locations are Rosalind Park (near the Rotunda), Dai Gum San precinct, the Alexander Fountain, View Street, Queen Elizabeth Oval and Barnard Street.

All livestock and pet owners are recommended to take appropriate measures to ensure the safety and comfort of their animals.


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